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Virtual Business Resources Co-op

Created by Janet and Jerry Belch

Established September 2009

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Mentors, Janet & Jerry Belch

Welcome to our Virtual Business Resources website, a place where teachers can network and share classroom ideas and time lines for major projects, classroom problem solving techniques with resources and samples galore, created to share by veteran teachers.

If you are a visitor to our website, please send us your email address and become a part of a network of the most devoted, motivated, caring and sharing teachers I have ever had the opportunity to work with in 30+ years in education.

Virtual Business has been my passion for a decade, whether with my own competitive teams or a mentor to new teachers. Jerry brings 34 years as a Business and Computer educator and is a long-time author of classroom computer curriculum, published by Career Publishing, Thompson International and Houghton-Mifflin. He is also credited with having the first computerized accounting class in the state of CA in 1979.

Our goal is to keep helping teachers by providing a place where teachers, free of charge, can share ideas, get credit for their spirit and generosity and help each other not to burnout! Enjoy these resources veteran teachers are so generously sharing and feel free to send us ideas for additional resources you'd like to see created. This is YOUR website. It is free. Enjoy!


Janet Belch
Jerry Belch
Virtual Business Resources Co-op

Royal Destinations SMHS management team

Our web site is geared for students and teachers.

Teacher Tools

For the teachers we feature
  • Janet's Friday emails
  • seven week lesson plans for beginning projects
  • PowerPoints on student recruitment, class organization, grand openings, preparing for trade shows
  • Samples of teacher's work
  • a teacher assignment web page
  • Job descriptions
  • How to put your lesson plans on the cloud.
  • There are computerized graded tests for each teaching unit as well as worksheets for most of them.

The Step-By-Step units were created for each department and are as follows: Many units feature videos on how to do the projects.

Accounting Department

  • accounting training : 13 weeks
  • assignments for your company
  • worksheet for each lesson
  • tests for each lessons
  • cloud computing : sharing accounting files stored on the cloud.

Administration Department

  • business plan
  • business plan presentation
  • annual report

Marketing Department

  • marketing plan presentation
  • sales catalog
  • marketing research project
  • invoicing
  • internet advertising
  • email advertising

Information Technology

  • web page Design using Notepad and tables for formatting
  • cascading style sheets
  • shopping cart using drag and drop technology
  • mobile application for pizza ordering
  • mobile application for exercise program
  • geolocation: determining location of user
  • flexible box model HTML 5 for designing applications for different sized devices
  • HTML 5 features for storage, playing music and videos

Human Resources

  • employee manual
  • newsletter - Web based
  • on-line job application

All Employees

  • digital Portfolio
  • on-line job application