Accounting Tutorial_Break Even Analysis Chapter 4

Break-Even Analysis
Break-Even Service Projections
Break-Even Formal Wear Income Projections
Break-Even Analysis Template
Merchandise income projections template
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Income projections/service business template

1. Planning to meet profit goals and analyze the effect of increased sales on net income is called?

Cash Flow Analysis Break-Even Analysis Profit to Risk Ratio

2. The point at which a business moves from a loss to a profit position is called?.

Net Income Gross Sales Break-Even

3. Cost that must be paid each month whether sales take place or not?

Fixed Costs Variable Costs Revolviong Costs

4. If our fixed costs are $95,000 and the variable cost percentage is 45%, what is our break-even point?

$150,435.62 $172,727.27 $183,953.65