Accounting Tutorial_Checkbook and Bank Reconciliation Chapter 6


Checkbook/Bank Reconciliation

Bromley's Checkbook
Checkbook Template
Bank Statement for Bromley's Formal Wear
Bank Reconciliation Template
Banker's Duties

1. To calculate the balance in a checking account?

Add beginning balance to checks and subtract deposits Subtract beginning balance from checks Add beginning balance to deposits and subtract checks and withdrawls

2. What is a running balance?.

One that remains unchanged One that changes each time a check or deposit is recorded One that changes only after a deposit is made

3. VE standard payment for companies represents?

Bills that must be paid each month Bills that you do not have to pay each month Bills that you pay at the end of the VE simulation

4. The form sent by the bank to the customer each month is called?

Statement of Account Bank Reconciliation Bank Statement