Accounting Tutorial: Posting/Trial Balance Chapter 10



General Ledger
Cash Receipts Journal
Cash Payments Journal
Sales Journal
Purchases Journal
General Journal
Journal Summary
Accounts Receivable Ledger
Accounts Payable Ledger

Posting Tutorial

Chart of Accounts

Trial Balance and Schedule of Accounts Tutorial

1. The process that transfers amounts from the journals to the appropriate accounts in the ledger is called?

Journalizing Posting Preparing a trial balance

2. Which accounts are balance sheet accounts?

Assets, liabilities, stockholders' equity Revenue and expense Assets, expenses, liabilities

3. What should you do after posting from one of the specialized journals to the general ledger?

Save the file See if trial balance is in balance Check to see if chart of accounts matches the general ledger

4. When posting from the cash receipts journal, there are four accounts that need to be posted.

Sales credit, sales tax credit, accounts receivable credit, cash debit
Sales debit, cash credit, sales tax debit, accounts receivable debit
Sales credit, sales tax debit, accounts receivable debit, cash credit