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Not Ready for Mr. Right or Miss Right. How about Mr. or Miss Right Now?

Marketing Plan

     We need to make our clients feel that is is cool to use a computer dating service for lining up dates for proms, dance school events. To accomplish this we will select some of the most popular students at school, offer them a significantly reduced rate for our service, We should rent them tuxedos, arrange for limosines, corsages and let them show the others that our service is for everyone.

Components of the Marketing Mix:

     The questionnaire is an on-line questionnaire.Dating Survey When the person is finished with the survey, they press the Send button and the completed questionaire will be sent to our company's e-mail address. When a significant number of surveys are received, the IT Department staff will merge them together to create a file that will be read and interpreted by the Lovebytes software.


     The program elements are accessed by clicking on the appropriate tab. A list of all clients can be viewed, Individual records can be displayed, matches can be found and dating profiles can be generated. The only tab that is not password protected is the view individuals records. We want prospective customers to view our data base.

     To find matches the software will will compare these questions and their values to find the best possible date for the client. A slightly modified Likert scale will be used in the software to assign partial points for partial matches. The scale can be used to capture the intensity of the feelings for a given item. and responses can be compared for levels of agreement or disagreement. Most of the questions on the questionnaire use this methodology giving respondents the chance to Disagree Strongly, Disagree Moderately, Agree Moderately and Agree Strongly

     A profile will then be generated from the software to give our clients profiles on their Date Potential, Personality, Job/Career Interests, Character and Family Values. The results of the matches, the profile and a picture of each match will be emailed to the client.

     In addition to the regular monthly dating packages, we offer special open house and trade show packages consisting of the following items to make the computer dating experience even more special.

Deluxe Package Details

One month dating package$32.95
Tudedo Rental$200.00
Limosine Rental$400.00
Picture Package$292.05




Target Market
The target market for most computer dating companies is twofold: the 20 to 35 year old segment and the 36 to 60's segment. Incomes in the younger segment range from $35,000 to $85,000. Fifty-three percent have some college education. Twenty-three percent have graduate degrees. They enjoy spending time with friends. They have a difficult time meeting single, interesting people. They want to avoid bars and nightclubs looking for a date. There is a nine percent growth rate projected for this segment. The income range for the older segment is between $55,000 to $100,000. Sixty-five percent have college degrees. Forty-one percent have been married before. They have trouble finding others their own age to date. They have tried many different methods to find a partner. An eleven percent growth rate is expected for this segment. These companies focus on life-long partners with the end result of marriage.

Market Segment
Our target market segment is quite well defined. It consists of high-school aged and college-aged students, single, with a fair amount of discretionary income earned from part-time jobs. The money earned is theirs to keep and does not have to be spent on food, rent, utilities etc. They spend their money on music, entertainment, clothing, etc,. They are very busy with school, sports, extra curricular activities and work and are in need of our services to find dates for school activities as well as regular dates. They are not interested in life-long partners at this stage in their lives. They are looking for dates with good physical characteristics and people with the similar values and interests. Our company will attempt to debunk the myth that younger people should have no problem meeting people. We want to convince our tarket market segment, that it is a cool thing to try computer dating, not a last resort. Currently we will focus on students in California and will later expand our market to include Virtual Enterprise companies in Oregon, Hawaii, New York, Virginia and the Carolinas.

Written by Jerry Belch,

Lovebytes, CEO

Break Even Analysis

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