Steps in Preparing a Business Plan

© Jerry Belch

Overview of Project

The objective here is to:
  1. The tutorial and examples are designed for VE companies creating a business plan for a new business.
  2. Prepare a 7-week timeline to assure the business plan will be completed in time.
  3. The lesson contains the rubrics needed to complete the business plan.
  4. The tutorial includes all the elements of the business plan for you to see
  5. Click on the part of the plan you want to view on the blackboard and the element will appear in the frame below.

2013-2014 National Operating Guidelines: Important changes in developing a business plan.

Materials to collect

  1. Registration Form for Business Plan
  2. Intent to compete in Business Plan Competition
  3. Instructions for written Business Plan - VE web site
  4. Score Sheet for Business Plan Competetion - VE web site
  5. Job Descriptions
  6. Organizational Charts

Teacher Responsibility

  1. Hold meeting with officers
  2. Pass out the progress logs each week to ensure a timely plan completion.
  3. Proofread the plan
  4. Send the plan in by deadline

Progress Logs

  1. Use Progress Logs to manage the project
  2. Progress Logs and Department Templates Video How to use weekly department templates and progress logs


Look at the blackboard and then click on the part of the business plan you want to see.
Lovebytes is the business plan example.