On-Line Employee Manual Curriculum Exam

1. Safety rules are not covered in an Employee Manual because this would be too much detail for this publication.

2. Recognized paid holidays should be listed in the Employee Manual.

3. The primary purpose of the Employee Manual is to provide employees with information about the company and the company's philsophy, employment practices, and policies. It also provides information concerning the benefits provided to the employees and explains the conduct expected from the employees.

4. The employer can use the Employee Manual
to educate their employees on company policies
as a reference source when documenting an employee's violation of company policies.
Both response 1 and response 2
None of the above

5. To create an abridged version of the Employee Manual means to ...
duplicate the manual for each employee.
create a manual that covers areas which can result in employee disiciplinary action.
create and index of all topics within the manual.
put a copy of the Employee Manual in each employee's file

6. The abridged version of the Employee Manual should be posted on the...
bulletin board.
company web site.
in the school office.
website of your business partner.

7. As a part of the evaluation process, the final draft of the Employee Manual should be bound and ...
available for employee access.
sent to the Virtual Enterprise office.
sent to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
sent to the school office.

8. A PowerPoint presentation of the Employee Manual should be presented to ...
the business partners.
the entire staff.
the customers.
the school administration.

9. Workers Compensation, Unemployment Compensation, and Social Security are located in the Employee Manual under ...
government's required coverage.
standards of conduct.
profit sharing.
educational assistance.

10. Confidentiality is critical to Human Resources Department. The rules covering personnel files would include:
What is the time period that personnel records should be filed?
Who has access to personnel files?
What questions are asked on the employee application?
How often should the personnel files be updated?

11. The Employee Manual should address ...
a time period for employee evaluation.
a set amount for regular pay increases.
a set amount for education reimbursement.
product pricing policies.

12. The _________ should be clearly stated in the Employee Manual.
work schedule
list of products and or services available from the company
names of employees
product pricing policy

13. An employee's probationary period ...
should be described in the Employee Manual under Employment Policies section.
should be left out of the Employee Manual.
should be described in the company's web site.
should be described in the Employee Manual under the Government Required Coverage section.

14. The Employee Manual should include the company logo, motto and ...
the company mascot.
year for intended use.
the CEO's name.
the names of the managment team.

15. Employee information, such as credit information, is found in the ________ section of the Employee Manual.
Standards of Conduct
Compensation and Performance
Work Schedule
Employment Policies

Employee Manual Curriculum Test

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