Pit of Pain Gym

Calories Burned Exercise Application

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Type of Activity

Aerobic Activities

Aerobics, general

Aerobics, high impact

Aerobics, low impact

Aerobics, step

Cycling/Stationary Bike

Stationary Cycling, very light

Stationary Cycling, light

Stationary Cycling, moderate

Stationary Cycling, vigorous

Stationary Cycling, very vigorous

Weight training

Circuit Training

Body Building, vigorous

Body building, light workout

Health Club Exercise

Machine training

Stair Machine

Rowing machine, light

Rowing Machine moderate

Rowing Machine, vigorous

Rowing Machine, very vigorous

Running Treadmill

Running, 5 mph

Running, 5.2 mph

Running, 6 mph

Running, 6.7 mph

Running, 7 mph

Martial Arts

Judo, Karate, Jujitsu

Kick Boxing

Tae Kwan Do

Krav magna training

Jumping Rope