On-Line Business Plan Exam

1. The five major parts of the business plan are: introduction, management, marketing, financial and SWOT.

2. The part of the plan that summarizes the longer report in such a way the readers can quickly become acquainted with the larger body of material.
Cash Flow Analysis
Target Market Summary
Market Segmentation
Executive Summary

3. The time frame for completing the business plan is?
Two weeks
Three weeks
Four weeks
Seven weeks

4. In the operating procedures section, the areas that need to be addresses are?
Location of business.
Nature of your type of business.
Plans for expansion
All of the above

5. The reason for writing the business loan is to?.
Sample the target market
Obtain money
Produce financial statements
Organize workflow

6. Who determines profitability of the venture, prepares break-even analysis, prepares monthly financial statements and pays staff?
Administrative Assistant
Web Master

7. Keeping employees on track is a huge job and there is no mechanism in place outlined in the Lovebytes business plan.

8. A part of market analysis involves looking at competitors, both real and virtual.

9. You might want to undercut the competitor's price, since you are selling on-line instead of from a physical building.

10. A defined segment of the market that is the strategic focus of a business.
Market Segment
Target Market

11. The more closely you can define your particular target market, the better success you will have.

12. Before completing the ________ ________ you should decide on which assets are necessary to run your business.
business loan
income statement
cash flow
break even

13. It is not just enough to project financial statements in the business plan, you should also explain the statements and where the numbers came from.

14. The myth that it is not cool to get a date using a computer matchmaking service, could be classified as a ?
External Opportunity
External Threat
Internal Weakness
Internal Strength

15. Having the ability to have our matchmaking software run on tablets and cell phones is considered?
External Opportunity
External Threat
None of the above

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