On-Line Quiz: Digital Portfolio

On-Line Digital Portfolio Quiz

1. A portfolio is a collection of work that shows a person's skills, abilities, training and experience.

2. A digital portfolio should include the following pages.
home or splash page
cover letter
resume page
all of the above

3. If you were in the Sales Department, what might be some work samples you should include?
spreadsheet showing company's payroll
an employee manual
a sales catalog
a newsletter

4. Which page should catch the prospective employers' eye?
organizational chart
splash page
letters of recommendation
contact information

5. Links to each page should be in what section?

6. Why was the flexible box model used as a template for your digital portfolio?
to accommodate different devices like cell phones and tablets
so there would be no need for style sheet sections
so tables could be used to organize data
It was not used.

7. The cascading style sheet file contains formatting for the following device resolution?
minimum width 992 pixels - desktop/laptop
minimum width 768 pixels - tablets
minimum width 480 / max width 767
All of the above

8. If you use a dark background for your page, you should?
use dark text colors
use light text colors
you can use almost any color
None of the above

9. There is a search and replace function in Notepad++?

10. The footer should contain?
a digital picture of yourself
work samples
email contact information
work experience

11. The aside flexbox is located?
on the right-hand side of the screen
on the left-hand side of the screen
at the top
at the bottom

12. Background images can be used in addition to background colors.

13. You can use the following methods for determining color.
Hex decimal
color name
all of the above

14. Another word for opacity is?
color scheme
can not be used in designing a digital portfolio

15. Audio files were used for the job descriptions page.

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