On-Line Teacher Assignment Web Site Exam

1. How many departments are used in his assignment?

2. The web site can be used to?.
Organize weekly plans
For parents to see what the class is all about
A tool for counselors
A way to promote the class
All of the above

3. Some of the things you need to collect before beginning the asignment are?
Digital pictures of school logo
Address and phone number of the school
URL of your company's web site
Organization chart of your company's employees
All of the above

4. What is the name of your home page in this assignment?

5. The cascading style sheet file has the following extension.

6. The cascading style sheet file can be edited in?
Word Pad
Both Notepad and Notepad++
Microsoft Word

7. The header picture is?.
A board room
A picture of an organization chart
School's Logo
School's mascot

8. The description of the header and footer is located in the?
main.html file
A text file that is called by the main file
Microsoft Word document
cascading style sheet file
gif file

9. The footer file uses a small image that is repeated?
many times
three times

10. The company page contains?
An organization chart, a desription of your company, and links to each department page.
A picture of your campus
Pictures of your company and links to the departments
No links, but a list of assignments
None of the above

11 The pages of all departments all have the same format.

12. The job application form can be submitted on-line and should be sent to?
The Virtual Enterprise CEnter
It can't be sent
To the address listed in the mailto tag
Benica High School
None of the above

13. Most commercial web hosting sites have a__________ on their server.
CGI form mail script
Spam filter
A list of VE companies
A copy of the job application form.

14. The photos on the Photo.html page are in the following format.
<img src="2.jpg">
<img src="2.gif">
<img src="2.bmp">
<img src="2.mts">
<img src="2.gif">

15. On the photo page, which file extensions were used for the video links?
.mpg, .avi
.avi, .mov
.mts, .avi
.mp3, .mp4
All of the above.

Teacher Assignments Web Page Test

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