On-Line Web Page Exam

1. A style sheet is designed to make the web page consistent by using the same fonts, colors and backgrounds.

2. To make the background color wheat, choose the correct format below.
Body {background = wheat}
Body {background: wheat}
Body = wheat
Body Background : [wheat]

3. To set the paragraph style sheet properties to green font, Times new Roman size 27?
P {color:green; font-size: 16; font-family:Times New Roman}
P {color:green: font-size: 16: font-family:Times New Roman;}

4. In a style sheet, the variable and its property are separated by a ?

5. The <H1> tells the browser to do what?
Make the next word or letter a headline
Make the next letter or word smaller
Center the next line
Create an ordered list.

6. Which headline tag makes the text the smallest headline ?

7. Colors can be coded in the RGB triplet numbers

8. Parts of the HTML code in the test file can be hidden These pair of tags are called?
Header Tags
Body Tags
Comment Tags
Head Tags

9. The tutorial listed two forms of navigation between pages
Text and Google
Text and Graphical
Graphical and Spherical
Item map and text

10. The front page or home page is often called the index page?

11 Which tag starts the first row of a table?

12. What tag ends a table cell?

13. Management Team, Organization Chart, Mission Statement and Job Descriptions are part of which page?
Contact Us Page
About Us Page
Home Page
Products Page

14. If there are three radio buttons, how many can be pressed at any one time?

15. Any JavaScript code must go between the?.
Head tags
Body tags
Script Tags
Title Tags

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