On-Line Quiz: Cloud IT

On-Line Cloud/Accounting Quiz

1. What is cloud computing?
It is much like storing data on a flash drive.
A backup for your hard drive on the client machine
A network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to save, manage and process data
Has been around for decades

2. What is local storage?
When you store data and run programs from your own hard drive.
Storing data on the cloud
Another term for Dropbox
Storage on a remote server.

3. SAAS stands for?
Save Assets As Storage
Software As a Service
Google's Chrome
Personal cloud storage

4. __________ provides services to you because as customer the cloud services at Amazon?
Best Buy
All of the above

5. Dropbox, in addition to its web site, also has?
Desktop applications for computers
Apps for cell phones and tablets
Two GB of free storage
all of the above

6. There is ______ size limit for files on Dropbox.
a 10GB
a 20GB
a 30 GB
no limit

7. You can store the following types of files on the Dropbox web site.
.doc and .docx
.xls and .xlsx
All of the above

8. If you refer a friend to Dropbox, how much additional storage can you get?

9. Dropbox's greatest strength is that it works equally well on PC's Macs, Android, IOS?

10. Dropbox file cannot be edited or changed unless you?
Close the application
Open the file
Minimize Dropbox
Exit Dropbox

11. There are icons at the top of Drop box that allow the user to?
Create a folder
Upload files
Delete files
All of the above

12. Members in the Accounting Department worked on a project that?
prepared financial statements
posted journal amounts to a general ledger
acted like a bank
projected cash flow

13. Accounting students used Dropbox to get what two files to work on?
Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
Payroll and Financial Statements
General Ledger and Specialized Journals
None of the above

14. Who uploads he files to Dropbox?
Payroll Specialist
General Ledger Clerk

15. In this tutorial, how many people were in the Accounting Department?

Cloud Test for the Accounting Department

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