Virtual Enterprise Job Descriptions Examples

Chief Executive Officer:  $90,000 per year   

Oversees and directs the company: Responsible for managing and leading the business planning process; Implements our company goals and department policies; Coordinates department tasks; Significantly oversees and contributes to the writing of our Business Plan and Annual Reports; Represents our company at all business functions and Oversees the legality of all actions in the company.

Chief Financial Officer:  $80,000 per year   

Manages the Accounting Department; Delegates responsibilities to members of the Accounting Department; Formulates and directs the company’s overall financial plans and policies; Creates, interprets, and reports on weekly, monthly, and yearly financial reports; Determines company’s operating expenses; Reconciles Bank Accounts; Manages employees in Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll and Bank Branch Manager.

Vice President of Sales:  $65,000 per year    

Responsible of assisting in the management, creation, and implementation of the marketing strategy for the company through a business, technical and sales perspective; Researches, creates and presents the Phantom Contract; Initiates and manages discussions and sales with other companies; Negotiates agreements concerning large company sales contracts’ Oversees the company’s Sales department; Analyzes sales trends and recommends aggressive sales strategies in order to maximize company profit.

Vice President of Marketing:  $65,000 per year   

Develops the company’s marketing objectives, (including Target market and Marketing mix, etc.); Effectively implements the company’s strategic marketing plan; Researches and determines the company product and service line’ Conducts weekly department meetings to distribute tasks and adjust the company’s product line to maintain our competitive edge; Recognizes and reacts to industry trends to maximize profits; Creates and maintains and submits to our IT department our company’s product line.

Vice President of Advertising:  $65,000 per year   

Directs the development and implementation of the company’s advertising strategy through the promotion of the company’s products and services via creative, attractive, and effective advertising campaign; Assists in the design of the Business Plans and Annual Report, (both written and electronic); Oversees the creation and preparation of the company sales catalogue, bi-weekly advertisements; special advertisements, trade fair ads and all sales materials; Oversees the creation of each employee’s business card and name badge; oversees the creation of posters for the office and trade fair booths.

Vice President of Human Resources:  $65,000 per year    

Manages the Human Resources Department: Creates, manages, and controls all personnel files; Addresses and participates in all aspects concerning personnel hiring, reprimands, and termination’; Maintains employee attendance and leave records; Establishes and monitors individual employee improvement plans; Determines payroll and withholdings; Manages the employee health insurance program; Creates and updates the Employee Manual; Monitors employee compliance of company policy; Oversees and assists in maintaining the company newsletter and company photo album.

Vice President of Information Technology (CTO):  $65,000 per year   

Oversees the creation and maintenance of the company’s web site; Supervises and gives direction to the web development team; Coordinates with Marketing Department to include all product; weekly updates to include special offers; Posts HR interest stories on web site; Creates links for our Business Partners; configures the online shopping cart; Assists staff with computer related issues; Trouble-shoots technical issues.

Administrative Assistant:  $65,000 per year

Creates company reports; Oversees administrative procedures; Compiles and submits Quarterly Task reports to the Virtual Enterprise Coordinator; Schedules meetings and prepares agendas; Edits company reports; Manages the company’s email; Assists in the management of the company’s web orders; Maintains the company’s Work Samples binder; maintains company’s communication with Business Partners and Virtual Enterprise Central.

Event Planner:   $45,000 per year   

Coordinates all special company events, such as Trade Fairs, Grand Openings, Open Houses, etc; Oversees the design of our company booth and coordinating all needs for each trade fair. Coordinates all events, invitations, RSVP’s and coordinating refreshments for each special event.

Sales Associate:   $45,000 per year   

Sells company products and services via email to potential customers; Researches and reports on new and inventive products/ services that could prove profitable for the company; Assists in sales training of additional staff when necessary for Trade Fairs, Grand Opening and other events.

Marketing Associate:   $45,000 per year   

Researches and assists in the determination of the company product and service line; Assists in maintaining the company’s product/service line on our web site; Conducts weekly research to locate new and innovative products/services; Makes recommendations to management to add new offering to the companies line.



Advertising Associate:   $45,000 per year   

Assists in the implementation of the company’s advertising strategy through the promotion of the company products and services via creative, attractive, and effective ad campaigns; Assists in the creation and preparation of the company sales catalogue, weekly advertisements, trade fair advertisement ads and all sales materials including order forms.

Accounts Payable/ Payroll/ Accounts Receivable:   $65,000 per year   

Accounts Payable/Payroll: Processes payment for all company expenses including payroll; Completes the monthly Accounts Payable report; Creates and processes purchase orders to restock inventory; Assists the Branch Banker in the creation of employee personal checks. Creates, manages, and processes payroll through our accounting program; Maintains hard copy files of accounting records.


Accounts Receivable: Process all company invoices through our accounting program; Makes receipt of customer payments; Follows up on outstanding invoices; Creates and reports at the end of each month, the status of accounts receivable; Resolves any incorrect customer payments.

Branch Banker:  $65,000 per year   

Establishes and manages the company bank accounts through CA US Network Bank; In-services all employees on the use of the US Network Bank and maintenance of their personal checking and savings accounts; Creates and manages the Visitor account through US Network Bank; Electronically transfers company expenses; Processes all company and employee checks to verify clearance through US Network Bank; Communicates with the Accounting Department concerning US Network Bank processing discrepancies; Completes a weekly report, which summarizes company and employee US Network Bank discrepancies.

Human Resources Associate:   $45,000 per year   

Assists in the creation and maintenance of all personnel files and benefits; Assists in maintaining employee attendance and leave records, creates documents and certificates for recognition of employee performance; Assists in the creation of our Employee Manual; Assists with the creation of the monthly company newsletter.

Web Designers:  $45,000 per year    

Creates and maintains the company’s web site; Updates web site bi-weekly to include special offers; Posts human resources interest stories to web site; Configures and modifies the online shopping car to reflect current specials; Assists the Advertising Department with ads for the company web site.