Teaching Suggestions that can be downloaded

Polly's Week 1-5 Polly's Business Selection Assignment
Polly's 1st semester pacing calendar Polly's Business Plan Selection Assignment with standards
Janet's First Two Weeks Polly's Weekly Suggestions Aug-June
Janet's Departmental work assignments Week 5 Janet's Departmental Assignments November
Janet's Quarter Tasks by Department 1st and 2nd Quarters Janet's Department Work Assignments for October and November
Janet's 4th quarter teaching suggestions Janet's 1st 4 weeks work assignments
Alan G. Marketing Semester I Alan G. Sales Semester I
Alan G. HR Semester I Alan G. IT Semester I
Alan G.Administrative Semester I Alan G. Accounting Semester I
Alan G. Marketing Semester II Alan G. Sales Semester II
Alan G. HR Semester II Alan G. IT Semester II
Alan G. Admin Semester II Alan G. Accounting Semester II
Tamara's personal finance 1 Tamara's personal finance 2
Tamara's Student Assignment Web Site Jerry - How to Make an Employee Manual
Tamara's Digital Portfolios Cathy - Strategic Planning Process
Cathy - Should you be an entrepreneur test Cathy - Types of Corporations
Cathy - Types of Corporations Worksheets Cathy - Types of Corporations Worksheets Key
General Business Teaching Suggestions Choosing a Company Criteria
Lisa Parker - Wacky Wednesday Brent's Economics Teaching Ideas
Make Your Own Final Exam Benicia H.S. Virtual Business Web Site
Accounting Department First Day IT Department Class web page first day
Nancy's Personal Finance
Jerry - How to make a sales catalog