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Performance: Long Board

Designed for all around wave riding

This board is built for beginners to advanced surfers. Our Performance long boards are designed for all around wave riding with the responsiveness you need in a variety of wave conditions. You can purchase it in classic glass, NexGen epoxy or standard epoxy.

Written by top board shaper

Nose Rider: Long Board

Walk the plank

The Nose Rider is designed with the older surfer or beginner in mind. Older surfers will remember when hanging ten was really special. The wider and longer board allows you to take those steps to walk the board and hang ten, and walk back to stall and slow the board. The NoseRider comes in a large variety of heights, widths and thickness to provide the perfect fit for all kinds of surfers young or old. Whether you are a beginner or an older surfer this board is for you.

Written by an old dude surfer

Stand Up Paddle Board

Stand Up Paddling isn't hard to learn

Stand up paddling (SUP) has been practiced since the inception of surfing in Hawaii. Surf instructors have often used the stand up position to keep an eye on their clients. Paddleboards come in a variety of lengths, widths, thicknesses and construction

Written by CEO of Rincon Surf Shack