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The New Flyer

Dedicated to performance and quality

This board is built for high performance in small waves. It is shorter and wider. The plan-shape allows for the same volume in a shorter rail line. Two stage rockers, spiral Vee starting in front of one of the fins to allow for rail to rail quickness. It is now available with a unidirectional carbon strip which stiffens the middle of the board giving it a tighter turn radius.

Written by top board shaper

The Weirdo Ripper

Demand on design created by World's greatest surfers

The Weirdo Ripper is meant for medium to wave slightly overhead. Its shape is that of a medium all-aroung board. Full volume, easy to paddle, wide point forward, V bottom, square winged bottom tail. Length of board should match your height.

Written by top board shaper


Providing the most dedicated surfers with the most advanced designs

The DFR is an ultra-modern short board, the plan-shape allows for a short rail line while maintaining drive. The bottom is predominately single concave and features an aggressive flip in exit rail rocker. A full outline provides enough volume to ride the DFR about the same length as your height.

Written by Al Merrick