Gerald Raines

Home Phone:805.968.5555

Cell Phone:805.456.1108

Address:743 Winchester Canyon Santa Barbara, CA 93101

First Real Job

Although I had other part-time jobs back in Michigan, like picking apples, raspberries and cutting lawns, my first job upon moving to California was at a dry cleaning business on the east side of town. It was along the main street, Milpas where the shop was located. My dad had introduced me to the owner who was a member of our church. He was looking for someone to work on Saturdays, waiting on his customers. I was looking for a job at that point and it seem like an opportune moment.

My job responsibilities were as follows:

My Second job was working at my father's clothing store.

This job offered a much more varied tasks and responsibilities. I was employed here during my high school days and early college days. I worked on Saturdays and after school each day. We were also open until 9 o'clock on Friday nights.

My responsibilities were as follows: