Targeted Marketing Email Tutorial

Sales of products to existing customers

There three buttons in the center section of the targeted email markting tool. One shows the product sold, the next button sorts the information by customers last name, and the third button simply clears the screen.

Sales by product and what it shows

By sorting the list of monthly sales you can see multiple sales of the same item. If you look carefully at the listing above, you can see that the Coleman arch rock tent was purchased by two customers: Jerry Jones an Bruce Conklin. These two customers can be targeted with the same email advertisement. When you start creating email advertisements your will want to check for sale of multiple items to make your job easier.

Sales of items by Customer

By sorting the list of monthly customers, you can see repeat customers: Alexander Barber, Bert Beany, Johnny Dent and James Denton. You will want to reward them for their loyalty to your company using special promotions or incentives.

Another helpful way to approach email advertising in the sporting goods field, is to know what sport is in season. Football, for example, is in the fall and early winter. Customers may be more apt to buy a football or football items during that period of time. Target your emails by the season as well as previous purchases.

Wikipedia sports by the month

Suggested sales based on products previously purchased

Here is really where you intersect with this targeted marketing email tool. You must decide what the suggested product purchases should be based on a customers' past purchases. Some of the suggestions are quite simple. If you look at the 14 different categories, it would make sense that a person who bought a football might need a hemlut, pads and football cleats. This is what a in-store sales person would suggest to compliment the purchase of the football. These 3 additional items are in the football category. Suggested purchases that cross into other categories need a little more thought. For example, a person who previously purchased snorkling gear from the water sports category, might need a swim suit which in the apparel category. You will need to make some of these decisions and then code the information in the application. There a few suggestions in this script already. In the Apparel section, click on the Nike shorts button, then click Search. The products Nike workout pants, and volleyball shorts are the suggested products. Try clicking on each item in the apparel and outdoor sections to see the sugestions. Now let's see how to code the other ones. The application is listed in the box below. It contains the html main body along with internal scripts. Put it on the clipboard and then load it into a new Notepad++ file and save in your working directory then run it using Chrome. It should look like the image below the box wih the code.

Remember the items are all called products and they are numbered 0-15. The form name is suggestions If the button is checked then it it true and the suggested product like Nike shorts, pro-Form treadmill, Body Glove wet suit, etc appears where it says <p id="suggestedProduct"> on the html page. When the Search button is pressed the file suggestedProducts doSubmitProducts function is executed. Remember the code is listed in the head section.

Now it is time for you to decide what items to suggest when each of the buttons are clicked. The apparel and outdoor ones I completed. First:

  1. Look at each item in the inventory.

  2. Decide what items you believe would be a good suggestion if a person purchased that item.

  3. Write them down on a piece of paper, or keep track of them in some way.

  4. Add a line for that array numbered product. You will start with #16

  5. Copy the line above changing the array number and the innerHTML product suggestion. There are no correct answers. Use the inventory list for your answers. If you suggest more than one product, separate each suggestion with a comma.

  6. Save your file and run it in Notepad++ and test out your work by checking the button next to the product purchased and pressing the search button. See if your product shows up on your page.

  7. Continue with this process for the rest of the items in your inventory.