Tutorial:Starting your own business

Week 3

Day 14: Operating Procedures: Management Functions

The home base for the Inside Sliders Catering Company is 14100 Ridge Road in Santa Barbara California. It is a residence with a two car garage equiped with refrigeration, freezer and warehouse space for non-perishable food items. The office is a conveted bedroom with computer with Internet access, file cabinet, book shelves and desks. The truck is 14.6 feet long by 7.6 feet wide. The specifications and a blueprint of the layout appears below.

The advantage of our location is it mobility. We are located in Santa Barbara County. San Luis Obispo county is to the North and Ventura county is to the South. We are only about an hour's drive away from any possible food truck location or catering event.

Possible expansion plans include adding more trucks, servicing construction sites, company parking lots for breakfast and lunch items and expanding into neighboring counties.

We will acquire our food supplies from a number of local vendors: Tri-County Produce, Jordano's and Smart and Final. Our food truck manager will purchase and pick up these items as needed each day and for each event and store them in our garage/warehouse prior to the event. The truck will be stocked daily. and if a catering event, the day of the event, the food truck manager will stock the food truck with the needed items to prepare for the upcoming event.

Day 15: Goals and Strategies

The goals of our venture are to make enough income to pay for salaries of all employees and the owner, to have enough funds to cover cost of good sold, to have enough funds to pay our loan each month ,and to make a modest profit the first year.

We will accomplish these goals by preparing a break-even analysis, projecting income for the first three months and to schedule as many events as we can.