Lovebytes Computer Dating Service

Not Ready for Mr. Right or Miss Right. How about Mr. or Miss Right Now?

Executive Summary

The company Lovebytes is a on-line, computer dating service for young, single adults, aged 16 to 22. The survey is taken on-line from our company web site. Results are compiled and matches are revealed to our customers in the ares of physical appearance, interests, lifestyles, backgrounds, personal energy, outlook, predictability and decision making. In adddition, profiles are generatd for Date Potential, Personality, Job/Career Aspirations, Character and Family Values. The focus of the our business is not on Mister or Miss Right, but for Mister or Miss Right Now. We do not believe in the myth that that young adults have no problem meeting people and gettting dates. One of our objectives is to prove that it is a cool thing to use computer dating and not as a last resort The market we will target, numbers 24% of the total population in the United States of 102 million. This segment of our population has declined somewhat in recent years, but we believe that there is an excellent opportunity to interest them in our service. We plan to conduct marketing research to determine which traits young people are looking for in a date and design our questionnaire or survey accordingly to make excellent matches. Our company's management believes that we must be successful in finding matches for our current clients for continued growth and profitability. We believe that our target market clients, 16 to 22 year olds, are busy with school, sports, work and other activities and can really benefit from using our service. Our competitors, , E-Harmoney, and Perfect Match appeal to a slightly older market segment. Their focus is on on long-term, lasting relationships. We are not committed to matching up people for long-term commitments, but provide a way for young adults to spend time with each other in a short-term relationships. After using the software to find matches and profiles, pictures and records that are a good match will be emailed to clients.

Written by Sherry Bell,

Editor of the Richmond High School Gazette.

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Try for the perfect date

Business Objectives

We plan to break-even the first month in operation. Our sales staff is committed to increasing sales each month We will begin our operations in the California Virtual Enterprise network first, and then next year expand into other Virtual Networks. After taking a 25% market share we want to expand the product line to include a deluxe matching package that will include the following additional features: Instant messaging, ability to use the program on mobile devices, translate the software and questionnaire into other languages. Develop Internet advertising targeted to high school students that can be emailed to each Virtual Enterprise Company

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